Health problems caused by or associated with heavy metals

Aluminium: Exposure is associated with the development of bone disorders including fractures, osteopenia and osteomalacia

Arsenic: (Exposure of high levels):

  • Can cause death

  • Can cause kidney damage

  • Can cause liver damage

Cadmium : (Biopersistent, ie., once absorbed remains for many years):

  • Renal dysfunction

  • High exposure can lead to obstructive lung diseases and linked to lung cancer

  • Bone defects in humans and animals


  • Even low exposure can irritage the skin and cause ulceration

  • Long term exposure can cause kidney and liver damage

  • Can also cause damage to circulatory and nerve tissues

Copper: (In high doses):

  • Can cause anemia

  • Can cause liver damage

  • Can cause kidney damage

  • Can cause stomach and intestinal irritation

  • Those with Wilson's disease are at greater risk for health effects from overexposure to copper


High levels of iron found in blood suggest a high risk of adult onset diabetes melitus or type-1 diabetes, especially in women.


  • Causes a wide range of biological defects in human depending on duration and level of exposure. The developing feotus and infants are far more sensitive than adults

  • Can cause problems in the synthesis of haemoglobins

  • Can cause damage to the kidneys

  • Can cause damage to the gastrointestinal tract

  • Can cause damage to joints

  • Can cause damage to the reproductive system

  • Can cause damage to the nervous system

  • Studies have suggested that exposure to lead can cause up to a loss of 2 IQ points


  • Poisoning is associated with tremours

  • Poisoning is associated with gingivitis

  • Poisoning is associated minor pyschological changes together with spontaneous abortion and congenital malformation. Monomethylmercury causes damage to the brain and the central nervous system while fetal and post-natal exposure have given rise to abortion, congenital malformation and development changes in young children


  • Known to block calcium channels

  • Chronic exposure results in CNS dopamine depletion. This duplicates almost all of the symptomology of Parkinson's disease.

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