Chlorella & Spirulina for Weight Loss & Dieting

Chlorella & Spirulina for Weight Loss

In various clinical studies, micro-algae have been shown to be remarkably effective for weight loss. There are primarily two reasons for this: the correction of nutritional deficiencies, and the addition of GLA to the diet.

On the nutritional deficiencies topic, obesity is the result of not only the over-consumption of calories, but more importantly, a dysfunctional endocrine system that results in the excess secretion of insulin and, subsequently, intense cravings for refined foods. That’s why people get overweight even when they don’t want to: the cravings are simply too strong to ignore.

By supplying the body with the nutrients it needs, however, those cravings can be dramatically reduced and the endocrine system can be brought back into a state of balance. These nutrients are best provided by chlorella and spirulina. That’s how these superfoods help people lose weight.

Of course, true weight loss won’t occur from simply consuming these superfoods: they only create the proper environment for weight loss. The person must still alter their diet by removing refined foods, hydrogenated oils, all sugars, and other weight-promoting substances. Without that step, the weight will never come off. Just as importantly, a person who doesn’t take up a habit of regular physical exercise will rarely lose body fat, no matter what their diet.

The second factor in micro-algae that supports weight loss is the presence of GLA in spirulina. This essential fatty acid helps regulate blood sugar and control insulin, which naturally leads to reduced carbohydrate binging. And spirulina is the richest natural source of GLA on planet Earth. There’s simply no better way to get GLA into your diet than making spirulina part of your daily diet.

Clearly, both chlorella and spirulina should be supplemented as part of the nutritional approach to any weight less effort. They can greatly reduce cravings, provide much-needed nutrition to the body, and serve as outstanding sources for obesity-busting substances like GLA. But they can’t get up and do your exercises for you.

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