Healthcare Professionals

Bio2go™ Pro Line offers the best 
naturopathic products for your 
patients and clients. 

Bio2go™ Health begun as a small natural health products supplier, but through our commitment to healthcare professionals and patient’s satisfaction, we quickly grew to one of  the best professional line natural health products suppliers in North America.

Many of Bio2go™ Health’s enthusiastic partners are healthcare professionals who work every day to help improve world health. We salute your dedication and are pleased to offer a wholesale discount to healthcare professionals on Bio2go™ Pro Line products.


Bio2go™ Pro LINE products are not sold through retail stores. It is only sold through healthcare professionals. Our Organic Chlorella is the only recommended product in many of clinics as the purity level is unsurpassed.


The first step to partnering with Bio2go™ Health is opening an account, which gives you access to our partner benefits.

We believe our partnerships are truly realized as we work together to support consumers’ health by offering education and premium products. To open an account, please download a print-friendly application to email.

Bio2go™ Pro LINE products only sell to clinic,

they do not sell directly to the public.

Give us a call or email us today to learn more about our Bio2go™ Pro Line Products and get our competitive wholesale price or a complimentary sample of any of our wholesale products.


Tablet Size avaiable

  • 120 Tablets / Bottle ( 20 day supply )

  • 240 Tablets / Bottle ( 40 day supply )

  • 2000 Tablets / Bottle ( 330 day supply)

  • 2000 Tablets / Stand Up Pouches ( 330 day supply)

Powder Size avaiable

  • 227 g / Bottle ( 80 day supply )

  • 1000 g / Bottle ( 330 day supply )

  • 1000 g / Stand Up Pouches ( 330 day supply)